Friday, January 24, 2014

A New Year, A New... well whatever.

2014. Wow.
 In all honesty, I never thought this day existed. When you're in high school the farthest date in your calendar is graduation day. And for me, that was June of 2012. I forgot that time and life existed after that! So believe me when I say 2014 seems like a myth. Yet here I am. I've never been good at New Years resolutions but I always give it a shot. This year I decided I need to eliminate the negatives, focus on the goods, and take better care of my body. I got an early start with the whole eliminating the negative thing back in December, and I promised myself I'll stick to my plan. And as for my body? I'm trying my best to eat as many fruits and vegetables as my broke college a$$ can afford ha ha. I also have a new obsession with blogilates! ( I'm well on my way to becoming an elementary teacher and I couldn't be more happy with the decision. And as for the love of my life? I still get those same butterflies as I did back in 10th grade :)

Good luck with your year!


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